Randy Charach Can Show You How!
I've performed over 10,000 shows during the past 35 years as a Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotist, Comedian & Speaker. 

Booking as many gigs as I want, at above average fees. 

Now, you too can learn exactly how to Get Better Gigs!

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I Help All Types of Entertainers At All Levels Be More Successful
  • Magicians 
  • Hypnotists
  • Mentalists
  • Ventriloquists
  • Musicians
  • Comedians
  • Jugglers
  • Speakers
You Too Can "Get Better Gigs" Now!
A Customized Approach To Get You To The Next Level...

Wherever you are now in your career as an entertainer, I'll help you get to the next level.

First, we need to evaluate where you want to get to...more shows - less shows - different shows - different markets.

Corporate Gigs, Speaking Gigs, Cruise Gigs, College Gigs, Comedy Clubs, Any Gig You Want....

I've done it all and with your Get Better Gigs Coaching I'll guide you as to what needs to happen to get you where you want to be... 

Step by step, until you're there.

Regardless of these choices, receiving higher fees and making more money will happen. You'll be positioned to receive higher fees and will maximize your revenue at each venue.

It's Really Simple...
If you want better gigs; then learn from 
someone who's been booking great gigs for over 3 decades...
It's going to be easy when I personally mentor you to Get Better Gigs!
3 Steps to Get Better Gigs!

1) Determine What a Better Gig Means to You

It's not the same for everyone. Some entertainers want to travel, others don't - how about you? Do you want to work cruises, corporate, colleges, kids shows, restaurants, fairs, theatres, television, all of these, some of these, something else?

You must be clear on all your Where, When, Why, Who and How's before you go ahead and attract your "better gigs". 

Develop Your Selling Materials 

Do your selling materials speak directly to the buyers of those "better gigs".  You'll likely want to book several types of venues.

Each type of gig will require unique and specific copy, images and video to effectively position you to attract your booking client.

3) Target Your Market

To get the better gigs you'll need a variety of strategies and tactics to attract and secure the bookings.

You'll need a solid plan with proven methods to stand out in a noisy market. Competing on price is for losers. With proper positioning you can name your price.
It All Seems Very Simple, Doesn't It? 
Then Why Aren't You Getting the Gigs You Deserve?

In theory this all makes a lot of sense. Knowing the in's and out's of exactly how to effectively execute these steps takes experience and know how. I've been getting the best gigs out there for 35 years now. 

For me; receiving high fees, travelling first class when I do travel, and entertaining corporate audiences is at the top of my 'best gigs' list. I'm in other markets too, each with their own set of conditions.

Apply Only if You're Serious About Moving Your Show-Business to the Next Level and Ready to Take Action Now...

Are you ready to take your show-business to the next level? Are you willing to invest the time, money and energy needed to get better gigs for life? There's no magic pill here.

It will take some effort and investment for you to get from where you are now to where you want to be...

Your step-by-step, customized and personal one-on-one guidance from me is not a cookie cutter approach. You won't be fed basic mindset and marketing lessons.

I'll tell you exactly what needs to be done and how to get it done in the most efficient, cost effective and impactful way... 

This is about helping you choose the best markets to meet your desires and helping you get those gigs whenever you want, and under your conditions.

We all want the highest fees possible so regardless of your other desires, attaining top fees in your chosen markets will be a major focus when positioning your selling materials and marketing...

This is for action takers and doers. I'll help you get better gigs and advance your career if you're ready and able to take action. I'll help you in any area needed to get you where you want to be.

Regardless of your current place in show-business, you will advance with my help...

The relationship will truly be that of a personal mentorship in show-business with the specific outcome of getting you the amount and type of bookings you desire at the highest fees possible...

After we do an initial goals and strategy session we'll have a specific plan to execute. I'll lay out each step to take and how to do it...

No videos for you to watch, nothing to read, just step-by-step action until you get where you want to be.

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, Or Even QUADRUPLING Your Fees... 
But Do You Know The Exact Steps to Take?
I Can Help You Get There...
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